Again in mid-1991, certain circles made uneasy by his cultural activities made him the target of a conspiracy. At the time, he was preparing a most important manuscript on the history of Freemasonry and world-wide Masonic organizations. Police, searching the home he shared with his mother in Istanbul’s Ortakoy district, discovered a packet of cocaine in the very first book they opened—in a library of some 2,000 books!

Adnan Oktar was taken into custody, on false grounds, in Izmir where he was together with a few friends, then transferred to the Istanbul Security Directorate, and after 72 hours, was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution for drug testing. It was announced that Adnan Oktar’s blood showed a high level of a cocaine by-product.

However, all the evidence submitted later showed that this was nothing more than slander; and that the cocaine allegedly found in Adnan Oktar's library was part of this conspiracy. Shortly before the arrest, he had felt that secret moves against him were afoot. Leaving his home in Ortakoy he called his mother Mediha Oktar to warn her of a likely plot against him and asked her to clean and search his house with a few other people as witnesses. His mother called her neighbor and janitor, and together they cleaned her son’s home from top to bottom, dusting all the books in his library. Although Adnan Oktar did not return after that cleaning, 16 police officers carrying out the search operation found “a packet of cocaine” within 2-3 minutes of entering the house, in almost the first book they opened out of a total of some 2,000.  The neighbor and janitor later made a sworn statement, saying jointly that “We cleaned Adnan Oktar’s library together, and there was no such packet there.”

The second phase of the conspiracy—the cocaine by-product in Adnan Oktar’s blood—was refuted by scientific and forensic evidence. Adnan Oktar was kept in the Security Headquarters for 72 hours before the analysis was performed. Scientifically, however, it can be calculated how much cocaine a man has taken and how many hours before by measuring the cocaine by-product in his blood. In Adnan Oktar’s blood, that level was so high that had he taken that much cocaine 72 hours before, it would have killed him. This showed that the cocaine had entered his body while he was in detention. In other words, it was given Mr. Oktar by being mixed with his food while he was in detention.

This was confirmed by some 30 international forensic medicine institutions, including Scotland Yard. To the file sent to them for examination, all gave a common response: The cocaine had been administered while Adnan Oktar was in detention by being mixed with his food.

Subsequently, the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institution confirmed that the incident was a conspiracy, that the cocaine had been administered during the detention period, and Adnan Oktar was cleared by the court and released.

However, this incident revealed an important point: there are certain forces hostile to Adnan Oktar that intend to employ all kinds of dirty tricks. These forces, who previously sought to intimidate Adnan Oktar with mental hospital, prison and oppression, now preferred to plot such a conspiracy against him.

You can see the originals of some of the reports issued by health institutions proving that the cocaine entered Adnan Oktar’s body less than 72 hours before, in other words, while he was under detention.

1- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Munich University

2- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Aachen University

3- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution, 5th Specialist Board

4- Turkish Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution

5- Grid Chart by Prof. John Ambre Used As One of the Main Reference Tools in Forensic Medicine Reports

6- Basel Police and Military Department, Forensic Medicine Laboratory

7- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Bonn Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms University

8- French Interior Ministry Police Laboratory

9- Department of Forensic Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow

10- Institute of Forensic Medicine, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University

11- St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital, Institute for Forensic Medicine

12- Prof. Davide Ferrara of Padua University

13- Prof. Dr. H. W. Raudonat – Center for Forensic Medicine

14- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Tübingen University

15- University of Parma, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

16- Institute of Forensic Medicine of Vienna University

The cocaine conspiracy against Adnan Oktar was thwarted by a court ruling. Mr. Oktar was ACQUITTED by a ruling from the 10th Criminal Court of First Instance dated 22.2.1994, the courts thus confirming that the incident was all a conspiracy. 



After 1991 Adnan Oktar dedicated all his time to writing and spent all his time at home.

Under the pen name of Harun Yahya, he has written some 300 valuable books. These books have been translated in more than 60 languages. A total of 550 web sites in 43 languages, 200 in Turkish, have been set up based on these works.  These sites attract an average of more than 4 million visits a month. Documentaries based on these works are regularly broadcast by more than 100 television stations in many different countries. Mr. Oktar’s works that present scientific refutations of Darwinism, in particular, provoked strong reactions in the scientific world throughout the world. The 22 April 2000 issue of New Scientist called Mr. Oktar an “international hero” for communicating the fact of Creation over the fallacy of evolution. The author’s intellectual struggle against materialism and Darwinism has often been mentioned in such mainly evolutionist publications as National Geographic, Science, New Scientist and NSCE Reports. The English and German editions of National Geographic’s November, 2004 issue referred to his works concerning the fact of Creation, and included the following quotation from The Evolution Deceit: “The theory of evolution is nothing but a deception imposed on us by the dominators of the world system.”

Adnan Oktar’s works have been translated into many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Uigur, Indonesian, Azeri, Bengali, Bulgarian, Danish, Polish Malay, Serbian, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Finnish, Persian, Hausa, Dhivehi, Hindi, Swedish, Japanese, Kirghiz, Swahili, Malayalam, Norwegian, Romanian, Tamil, Talagu and Thai, and enjoy a world-wide readership in a great many countries, from India to America, Great Britain to Indonesia, from Poland to Bosnia, from Spain to Brazil.

Through these books, a great many people have come to appreciate and to grow more deeply in their faith. Everyone who reads and studies his work is affected by this profound difference and benefits from his sincere, wise and easily accessible style. Each book is characterized by proven, definitive facts presented with honest clarity, which nobody can refute—features that doubtlessly stem from a striking wisdom vouchsafed by Allah.


The most notable of Adnan Oktar’s works dealing a lethal blow to Darwinism is his book The Atlas of Creation. This giant work, containing pictures of hundreds of fossil specimens, documented that living things have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years; in other words, it revealed the fact they had never evolved at all. These proofs gave Darwinist circles a great shock. Following the arrival of the book in a number of European countries in particular, a literal Darwinist panic commenced in Europe as a whole. The Atlas of Creation used concrete findings to reveal that Darwinism had no scientific foundation and that it was impossible to maintain otherwise, and it elicited a huge response in many countries, including USA, China, Brazil, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Denmark and particularly France. The countless newspaper reports, television programs and web sites that covered the Atlas of Creation revealed the book’s intellectual impact. 

European Darwinists entered a state of culture shock, especially in France. European materialists sounded the alarm in the face of the blow dealt through the Atlas of Creation to Darwinism, which had been instrumental in propagating irreligion for the previous 150 years. The Council of Europe gathered, reports were prepared and declarations published by education ministries. European Darwinists had no idea what to do about the Atlas of Creation, which they were unable to refute intellectually, and thus set about seeking a solution they imagined would enable them to destroy the book. They suddenly abandoned the libertarian traditions they had espoused for hundreds of years and turned to prohibition and repression instead. So much so that they even attempted to have the book banned. But these efforts were all in vain, because Europe had long since begun to be enlightened!

France’s main newspapers and magazines carried terrified reports about the Atlas of Creation. The subject was discussed using panic-filled and terrified terminology such as “earthquake,” “offensive” and “explosive impact” in such leading French publications as Le Figaro, L’Express, Le Monde and La Croix. They described the defeat and devastation of Darwinism in terms of “the greatest defeat in the history of France.” This magnificent work came as an “ideological earthquake,” in their own words, in those European circles who blindly defended Darwin’s theory. (See www.harunyahyaimpact.com for the magnificent impact of the Atlas of Creation in Europe.)

The Blow Dealt to Darwinism by the Atlas of Creation in the World Press

France, Science & Vie

France, Le Point

France, La Liberation
[The Atlas of Creation] HAS CAUSED TOTAL PANIC in a single move.

Germany, Stern

Germany, Nürnberg Zeitung
A caption to a report about Harun Yahya’s intellectual activities read, “DARWIN FACES A DIFFICULT TASK IN EUROPE.”

Holland, Radio Netherlands web site

Italy, Corriera Della Sera

  Italy, La Stampa

The Atlas of Creation has initiated a real enlightenment in Europe. The people of Europe, indoctrinated by Darwinist and materialist propaganda for the last century and a half, have begun to see that the theory of evolution is of no scientific worth and is kept in the spotlight out of ideological concerns. Polls in different countries have shown that there has been a serious decline in the number of believers in Darwinism. For example, in one survey by the French Sciences Actualites, the level of people believing that human beings did not appear by way of evolution was 92%, and the number of believers in evolution was just 5%. A poll by the famous German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung put the level of people believing that human beings are the work of a Creator at 85%, and that of those who think that the theory of evolution is valid at a mere 9%. In a survey conducted by the daily Die Welt, 86% of people replied “God [Allah] created it” when asked “How do you think life formed?” One of those surveys revealing the change of heart in Europe was carried out by Blick, published in Switzerland. In this poll, the level of those believing in Creation was 85%, and that of believers in evolution 8%. De Morgen, a newspaper published in Belgium, wrote that “eight people out of 10 think the theory of evolution is utter nonsense.” In a poll by the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet web site, 88% of Danes answered “No” to the question “Do you think human beings are descended from apes?” A report in the Swiss magazine Factum stated that the Swiss public want Creation to be taught in schools. Surveys among teachers in Britain have shown that teachers there also think that Creation should be taught in schools. This received wide coverage is such major British dailies as the Guardian, and Independent. The noteworthy element in all these reports is that Europeans say that the Atlas of Creation was instrumental in this development. Indeed, towards the end of 2008 the Vatican declared its gratitude to Muslims for “bringing faith in God [Allah] back to Europe.”

This great intellectual awakening caused by the Atlas of Creation has also influenced European leaders and statesmen. Some examples of these excellent and positive changes in European leaders are statements by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair regarding his turning to religion and the words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy describing his belief in Allah.

Examples of the intellectual change in the European leaders after the arrival of the Atlas of Creation in Europe:

Nicolas Sarkozy: “… the transcendent God Who is in the thoughts and the hearts of every person. … God Who does not enslave man but frees him“.

Tony Blair: “Save religion and help it become a force for good.”

Tony Blair has called for faith to be given a central role in tackling the world's problems. Religion could “awaken the world's conscience.”


Various circles grew alarmed at all of his selfless activity. Unable to rebut Adnan Oktar’s works on an intellectual level, materialist and Masonic circles incited a slander campaign to prevent any scientific work that might undermine the theory of evolution, aiming, in their own eyes, to neutralize it through slander and imputation.

In November 1999, exactly when reports were circulating that his three-volume work Global Freemasonry, was about to be published, Adnan Oktar came under renewed pressure. The forces that had sought to hinder the spread of religious moral values with smears, plots, false reports and accusations ever since Adnan Oktar first embarked on his intellectual struggle, had again entered the picture.

As a result of their incitement and misinformation, on 12 November, 1999, police raided the homes and workplaces of members of the Science Research Foundation. In an operation conducted against 50 homes at around 03:00 in the morning they found no evidence of criminal activity, and observed no immoral activity. Nonetheless, day after day, the press ran unbelievable falsehoods and mutually contradictory slanders. Adnan Oktar and a number of members of the BAV community were detained for 7 days at the Istanbul Anti-Organized Crime Department headquarters. Forensic medicine reports established that they were subjected to severe torture during their time in detention. Legal proceedings were subsequently brought at Istanbul High Criminal Court of 2nd Instance No. 7 against those officials involved in the torture of the BAV community members. These individuals are still on trial and facing prison sentences of 216 years each.

The people detained over that period, during which they were subjected to countless illegal practices, were forced to sign so-called statements that they had not even been allowed to read, under severe torture and duress. An indictment was later drawn up on the basis of the imputations in these statements, which were of no legal worth under Turkish law. Adnan Oktar was held for 9 months in prison, again on the basis of these Security Department statements.

Over the 8-year judicial process, not one single piece of evidence, document, report or witness statement was obtained to support the accusations in the indictment against Mr. Oktar and the other defendants. On the contrary, dozens of expert reports, many witness statements, reports by authorized official bodies and legal opinions submitted by academic jurists all proved Mr. Oktar’s innocence. Indeed, the Public Prosecutor requested that Adnan Oktar and all the other defendants be acquitted, by declaring that no evidence had been obtained against the defendants, that all they had were the Security Department statements, which were legally invalid according to the Turkish law, he said, because they had been signed under duress, in the absence of a lawyer and without having been read, and that the court had already acquitted those concerned of the same charges and tried under the same articles. Furthermore, the Prosecutor reiterated this legal opinion and requested the acquittal of Mr. Oktar and the other defendants for a second time.

Mr. Oktar respects all the decisions reached by the Turkish justice system, however. He acts in the knowledge that Allah creates everything for the best and with great wisdom. He regards prison as the madrassa (school) of the Prophet Yusuf (as) and faces any ruling that may be issued against him with fortitude and patience. There is no doubt that Mr. Oktar has already been cleared of all these charges that have been raised in the eyes and consciences of the Turkish nation and of his millions of readers throughout the world. During all this time, he has always constituted a role model maintaining his trust in, and submission to, Allah, recalling that throughout history, believers have all been tested with similar incidents, that every event takes place in a destiny determined by Allah, in a wise and auspicious manner. No matter what may befall them, he always says that believers must always be moderate, joyfully determined, and submit to Allah’s will. Mr. Oktar’s excellent and elevated morality in this regard are instrumental in the love and respect felt for him increasing many times over.


During his intellectual struggle of the last 30 years or so, Mr. Oktar has always been forgiving and compassionate towards those who have conspired to blacken his name with irrational and illogical slanders. He acts in the light of the morality revealed by Allah in the verse “Repel the bad with something better” (Surah Fussilat, 34). All the plots against Adnan Oktar to date have been thwarted. By Allah’s leave, the truth will emerge in this case, too, and Mr. Oktar’s innocence will once again be established. 

Even in all these circumstances, Mr. Oktar is still actively, eagerly and perseveringly engaged in his literary activities, calling on people to live by proper moral values.

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