Oda TV, September 25, 2008

Adnan Oktar: My days are very busy and full of activity, and I do not have much time for sleep. I do not like to waste that time, because I regard sleep as time deducted from life. So I sleep no more than 4 hours, then I get up for the morning prayer. After that I am in a constant state of activity. I like the newspapers very much. I like reading the newspapers particularly, rather than the Internet. I scan the news very quickly and underline those places of interest to me. Then I give them to colleagues for closer examination. But you may be interested in my leisure time pursuits. I am very fond of animals, flowers and plants. I have several cats which are very, very cute. A few days ago, for instance, one of them was left to fend for itself by its mother. It was fully grown but still a kitten at heart. It is constantly looking for affection and never leaves the front of the house. Cats usually go out and find things to do outside, but this one is always in front of the window. I am very fond of it. It produces huge feelings of affection in me. It is also always hungry, so we keep having to provide liver for it. I have trees, fruit trees I take an interest in. The fruit on some has just ripened, and I take a close interest in their fertilizer and pruning their branches and that kind of thing. I bought a flower a few days ago, and that has really opened up, giving off lots of tiny seeds. I watched it closely in the evening, it was a really lovely, glorious thing. It had an amazing long, thin stalk. Its flow was lovely, too, full of colors. These are delightful blessings bestowed by Allah. There is so much to see and delight in. We have neither enough time nor enough years in our lives.

IHA, April 6, 2008

IHA: Lastly, what does Adnan Oktar do in his private life? Is there anything you would like to tell us about? What is your home life like? Would you care to share these with us?

Adnan Oktar: The thing I love most in my private life is my cats. I have an army of cats that keep me busy. I enjoy painting, contemporary painting. I tend my garden. I prune the trees and sometimes arrange roses and other flowers. I sometimes go out. I used not to, but these days I go out much more.

Tempo TV, December 24, 2008

Adnan Oktar: In my high school years I spent my life researching; I was always reading, enquiring and investigating. I was not someone who spent much time out and about on the streets. I had a chemistry lab at home that I spent time on. I used to work on ceramics and things at home, making statues out of clay, or painting pictures. I still do. I am painting a 3 x 3 meter oil painting. I do modern surrealist pictures and have given many away to friends, and many have them in their homes. I used to enjoy working with charcoal. I made models, small models of various objects, at home. That was how I spent my days. I read books. Reading was what I enjoyed most of all.

Kusadası TV, July 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: When I get the opportunity, the animals I am most fond of are cats. Duman was in front of the door, did you see him? I cannot get enough of looking after them. They have kittens, and that is lovely, looking after them. I also have rabbits. They are super. Allah manifests Himself excellently in them. The other day I also took in two lambs. They are really sweet and cute. They really help one relax and wind down. They enhance one’s affection. They relax the soul. They are really pleasant blessings from Allah. I spend time on them. Apart from that, if I have time, and if summer is approaching, I enjoy walking.

Gaziantep Kanal 5, September 20, 2008

Adnan Oktar: They are not all the same. Some days I have interviews and so am busier on those days. But I like to get up early. I have always been an early riser. Too much sleep makes me uncomfortable. I sleep 3 or 4 hours and even regard that as too much for me. I get up at once and have a shower and feel much better, invigorated, right away. I generally have a light breakfast when I get up. I like olives very much. I like dates. I try and avoid heavier foods. I like vegetables, and generally prepare them myself.


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