Amasya TV, July 21, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
I have been sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment for being the leader of a criminal gang. I naturally respect the court and its ruling. But nobody in Turkey believes it. What matters is that my people, my nation, do not believe it. The important thing is that I have been acquitted in people’s hearts, because there is no evidence of any crime in the file. The court had previously acquitted me. It had acquitted my colleagues, all of us, of the criminal gang charge. But this is its subsequent ruling. It is Allah Who has issued that ruling. There is good in it. Especially being unjustly accused is perfectly pleasant. It is the law of the Prophet Yusuf (as). I will be proud to go and serve my sentence. Prisons are also my home. Their water is also my country’s water. Their soil is also my country’s soil. Here or there, it makes no difference. If they see it fit, I will do whatever they say.

Milli Gazete, May 19, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
The normal response would be acquittal, of course, because the prosecutor says so. He says there is no evidence of any crime in the file, he says the court has already acquitted everyone, including someone supposedly occupying the position of so called imam, and the important thing is that, he says this according to the court file in the light of all the evidence set out. This is already what the judge said previously. The prosecutor issued his reasoned opinion for the second time, once again deciding that the statute of limitations had expired under Article 313 and also recommending acquittal. These statements were crystal clear, but a sentence was handed down despite them, moreover a sentence with no reduction. An extra year was added on. The normal sentence is 2 years, but 3 years were handed down. And what is that? There is of course good in it. It is one of the fine details in Allah’s artistry of Creation. It is created with wisdom and there is good in it. We will see this in the coming years, months and coming days, insha’Allah. For example, the Prophet Yusuf (as) committed no crime to be sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. He committed no crime, he did nothing. On the contrary, he was innocent, but the decision to imprison him won out, Allah states. And it is Allah Who imposes that ruling. Under normal circumstances nothing like this would have happened. It is Allah Who made it happen. This is how Allah trains and strengthens believers, endears them, bestows greater fear of Him on them and broadens their horizons, and thus makes the destiny He determined, the beautiful destiny of believers, even more delightful. Of course we see good and wisdom in this. I give up my rights to the court, I give my rights abundantly to the court, and always make that very clear. I have no complaint because I see good in it. But of course we shall also employ our legal rights and go to appeal. But every incident has a decision place; in other words, everything heads in the direction ordained by Allah, and there is good in that direction. For example, one regards being acquitted as a good thing, but it may have evil consequences. Allah says that it may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you, for which reason we constantly ask Allah for that which is auspicious. We ask for the good, so this is good what Allah has brought about in this case.

Konya Sun TV, September 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
One time after the other. I was detained many times over. They took me in 40 or 50 times. They would come to my home for no reason, take me away and keep me in detention at the Security Department for 3 days and then let me go. Who knows why? Sometimes they would be keeping minutes and at other times, not. That was the strange state of affairs. Then, as you know, they carried out an operation against us, taking me to the Security Headquarters, where I was accused of many things, they said you did this, you did that, which I didn’t. They then said that if I denied the accusations, well, I was as close to death at that point as the distance between my feet and the ground. Now, there were a group of girls there, sisters and colleagues of mine, and I was there too, and I said I would sign what I was given, rather than endangering their lives. It was like a string of imaginary scenarios, like a film written by journalists, all imaginary things with no evidence or witnesses behind them, no documentation of blackmail of any kind. So I signed, and imagined I could put it all right by denying it in front of the prosecutor and the judge. But that was not the case. I was hold responsible to prove that everything I had signed up to in that statement was untrue. It was a terrible situation, that is, to prove that they are untrue. There is no question of disproving it, and the statement was also taken in the absence of a lawyer, rendering it invalid. Legally, it is essential for a statement to be taken in the presence of a lawyer. The Supreme Court has issued rulings to that effect, and there is a clear article to that effect in the Turkish Code of Criminal Procedure. But the court nonetheless sentenced me to 3 years’ imprisonment, ruling that I was the leader of a criminal enterprise. I accept that, because I can have no objection to and must respect a decision handed down by a state body. But all Turkey knows I am not the leader of a criminal gang, everybody knows it. Nobody believes it, because leaders of criminal gangs kill and rob and hurt people, and there exists concrete evidence of that. That is what I call the leader of a criminal enterprise, but I cannot admit to being one when there is no evidence to that effect, no such evidence on the file. But I still respect the court ruling. I say nothing, and if need be I will go and serve my sentence. I have no complaint about the state in that respect. I give up my rights to the court, I give my rights abundantly to the court and have repeated that many times over.

But, for instance, Ebru Simsek case was one of the main pieces of evidence before the court you mentioned. Thanks be to Allah, the house where Ebru ÅžimÅŸek lived is seen in the film of the incident. In other words, the incident that that woman claims was filmed in great detail; there was video film of it, a high resolution one. We showed that film to the judges and they watched it. Hers was an ordinary house with a beam structure running straight down. A 60-square meter home with overhanging beams, with small, double-glazed windows. The police came and looked at this house that this woman claimed I was present, and in the analysis of the house it was established that the house I was in had a hollow block system, a flat ceiling with no beams, and that the windows ran from floor to ceiling. The difference between these two buildings was so huge they could not be the same unless they were demolished and rebuilt. The two had nothing to do with one another. I proved to the court I had nothing to do with it, and was duly acquitted of that.

Iran Daily Itimat, October 26, 2008

Adnan Oktar: There is severe pressure from the press on me because I am an anti-Darwinist. That pressure assumed such a dimension that someone, for instance, by the name of Tuncay Özkan is currently a defendant under arrest in the Ergenekon proceedings. In addition, Adil Serdar Saçan, the police chief who conducted the operation against me, is also detained on Ergenekon charges. These people joined forces to fight us. And they had us detained at that time. They detained us en masse during a nocturnal operation, Adil Serdar Saçan and his team did. And meanwhile Tuncay Özkan wrote provocative articles and gave the public misleading information by leaking material from the Security Department after our detention regarding it. I was duly arrested and spent a while in prison because of that. And this current sentence of 3 years is the result of this operation. But the prosecutor says that there is no evidence in the file against me or my colleagues that might constitute a criminal enterprise crime. He also said that the very same court had already acquitted us of this charge, we have already been acquitted, and that it should therefore acquit us again. Moreover, he said that the police statement had not been taken in the presence of a lawyer and had been extracted under duress, and that apart from that there was no other evidence of criminal activity in the file and therefore no evidence against us, for which reason we should be acquitted. But the court still sentenced us to 3 years. There are also my female colleagues, who are university and college graduates who have never even set foot inside a police station. They have also been sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment for criminal gang leadership. We of course respect the court decision. I give up my rights to the court. But that is also the view of the prosecutor. And it is useful it should be made known. It is most thought-provoking that the police chief in charge of the operation against me is now on trial in the Ergenekon case. And it is also very thought-provoking, of course, that Tuncay Özkan, who wrote articles targeting me, is also under detention in the Ergenekon case.

Nathan Schneider, October 24, 2008

Adnan Oktar: In Turkey, for instance, the Ergenekon deep state organization has recently been brought before the law. That organization fought against us for years.

Against me, rather. Although I am not mentally ill, they said I was. I felt that pressure on me for years. Reports saying I was mentally ill kept appearing in the press. That was then put right in the military hospital, and everyone saw and I proved that I was sane. Even though I do not use cocaine, they mixed it in with my food in the Security Department. I also proved that forensically. It was established that it had been mixed in with my food while under police detention. But Darwinist circles portrayed me as a cocaine user for years. In 1999, again as a result of various provocative actions by the Ergenekon deep state organization, a major operation took place. The police officer in charge of that operation, Adil Serdar Saçan, is currently in prison on charges of membership of Ergenekon. The person who organized this through the press, and who took part in it, is down in prison as an Ergenekon detainee. But as a result of these things the court sentenced me to 3 years and sentenced 3 of my female colleagues as leaders of a criminal enterprise. But in his previous reasoned opinion to the court, the prosecutor said that the same court had previously acquitted these people. Second, he said there was no evidence against them in the court files. Third, he said that the statements taken under police duress were invalid. That is because they were taken under duress and in the absence of a lawyer, he said. “And I therefore request that they be acquitted,” he said. But the press in no way makes mention of that. They merely try to stress that they are leaders of a criminal enterprise. They seek to supposedly damage my books by saying that the person who wrote them is a criminal gang leader. They will ask “why are you reading his books?”. That is the logical dead-end they have ended up in. They have adopted an anti-democratic stance. They have adopted an opportunistic rationale. No scientist would do that; he should not. I cannot describe someone who implements such errors as a scientist; a scientist is someone who applies matters honestly. … I also respect the court ruling, of course and I give up my rights to the court. But the way that Darwinists use that ruling against me is unconscionable and irrational. I don’t find it honest because nobody in Turkey believes I am the leader of a criminal enterprise. I am someone who defends love, compassion and grace. I have not killed or mugged anyone. In other words, I have already been acquitted in people’s hearts, and that is enough for me.

TASCA (Turkish Arab Association for Science, Culture and the Arts), November 21, 2008

Reporter: You have been sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment. Could you tell us about that?

Adnan Oktar: Yes, such a thing has happened. I have three female colleagues, very properly brought up, devout ladies. Me and these friends of mine were accused of being leaders of a criminal gang and sentenced accordingly. But the court prosecutor said that there was no evidence against the defendants. That is the first point. Second, he says that under Article 148/4 of the Turkish Code of Criminal Procedure, statements taken in police custody in the absence of a lawyer are inadmissible, and the court itself agreed this. In other words, the statements we gave then were extracted in the absence of a lawyer, and also under duress. These were false allegations imposed on us under duress. We signed them under duress and under threat of death. That is what the prosecutor says. He therefore says these statements are invalid. In addition, he says that the court had previously ruled that my colleagues and I should be acquitted, that we should be acquitted of the same charges, and that the same ruling should therefore be issued now. He says it will be in the public interest for all the defendants to be acquitted of all the charges individually and that he demands our acquittal. In other words, he concentrated on three things; I repeat. The first is he says the statements taken in the absence of a lawyer and under duress are invalid. Second, he tells the court it had previously ruled for acquittal. And third he says there is no evidence against the defendants in the file. He says there is no evidence of any crime. Therefore he demanded acquittal. But the court still ruled as it did. It handed down a sentence of 3 years. Of course I always respect the court decision. I always respect the law. I see good in this because it is something that is already in the destiny. If such a thing has taken place, it is a decision taken by Allah before the judge was even born, while he was still in his mother’s womb. For that reason, the judge is just obeying Allah. He can do nothing else. He is doing what is ordained in destiny. And there is good in it, insha’Allah.


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